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Warmest Wishes...

Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

Just wanted to say a little thank you to all of my fans, producers, agents, and film partners. You have made 2012 remarkable and enjoyable.

All of us here at Bull in a China Shop Productions look forward to a 2013 with anticipation as our new script "The Bet" will be released.

"The Bet" begins at a  bar called the Exile where bets are placed one soul for another. The script leaves you pondering the eternal question; "Why does man do what he does?"

We'll let you know more as 2013 gets underway! Until then, I'll leave you with a quote from "The Bet"...

" Free will. I chose my course of action instead of being told what to do. All men are like that. That whole apple in the garden thing. Surely you’ve heard of it?"~MOLOCH


Mitten Movie Project 2012

A great turn out for the cast and crew of "The Castaways" at the Mitten Movie Project Zombie Night on Tuesday evening at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan.

The Mitten Movie Project hosted the 6th annual ZOMBIE NIGHT, a night dedicated to screening independent zombie shorts, trailers,  music videos,  documentaries, animations, another words- anything zombie.

The November MMP Audience Choice Award went to The Pierce Brothers and the cast and crew of "Smush! A Deadheads Short"  (39% of vote)!  The Zombie Night Audience Choice Award winner will compete for the 2012 Short of the Year award at the year-end December 4th Best of the Mitten Movie Project screening.

The Castaways cast and crew attending were Writer/Director Randy Hutchison, Actress and Zombie Queen Lauren Fuller, Actress Lauren Reynolds, Actor/Narrator Noah Fisher, Editor Nate Mooty, and Actress Kailyn Bondoni.

The Castaways is a story of adventure, hope and brotherhood, as a small band of castaway children discover who they are in a world filled with zombie parents.

The Castaways Featured at The Mitten Movie Project

 The Mitten Movie Project Presents ZOMBIE NIGHT,  A night of independent zombie shorts held TUESDAY • NOV 13 2012 • 7:30 PM • MAIN ART THEATRE • ROYAL OAK, MI

The Castaways Trailer will be featured on the big screen come and join in the fun!

Find more information about Zombie Night at
Or see our facebook page at:

Now Casting Adventure Film Lovers

Currently Bull in a China Shop Productions LLC is seeking film producers for its “The Castaways" script. As an independent feature film production with a budget below $250,000, there are many opportunities for film lovers to get involved with this unique and character building script.  

"The Castaways" begins at a time when things are different from today; a virus has infected adults and kids 20 and below must fend for themselves. A group of castaways joins together and must learn to work together, use their individual skills, and show their true character to navigate through the perils they face. It's a heartwarming story of bravery and talent that will have you laughing, rooting for your favorite character and on the edge of your movie going chair as you follow the adventures of the castaway gang.

Are you a film buff who craves adventure? Do you love Indie films with unique perspective and one of a kind story? Don't fret- you too can join in on the action- COMING SOON on you’ll have the opportunity to join our team and support "The Castaways".

The Castaways Featured at The Mitten Movie Project